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Website Development & Hosting

Website Development & Hosting

Develop a new web world! Experience a new world of the digital age with our web development experts.
      These days, the rapid growth in the usage of the Internet has considerably adjusted the overall goals for the businesses requiring some strong online presence. While more and more clients of the businesses try to find the companies through the tablet or the mobile phones, adding cutting edge features to the sites while developing, make it sure that the companies are not missing out any valuable opportunities to grow their businesses. A robust site, which is both well developed and also free from the fault, would not only convey some positive message about the brand, but this will also help the sites rank well with the major search engines. Keeping this in consideration, at SolverSolutions, we always stay updated to all the most up-to-date web technologies so that the websites of the businesses can capture as well as can convert more leads.
      We know it well that our clients don’t have the time required to become well aware of all the ongoing technical advancements necessary for the device compatibility and the modern browsers. This is why the expert web development team of our company develops and builds up the sites that not only command the finest presence, but also deliver a premium experience to the clients- no matter where and how the clients are searching.
To fulfill this objective we work closely with each of our clients to gain a complete knowledge of the businesses and translate the findings into the formula of a winning site that nurtures all the visitors, who visit. To do this, we use different types of open source technologies, content management systems and programming languages to build the websites with the goal of assisting our clients in offering cost-effective solutions to their customers.
      At Solver Solutions, we have a team of expert web developers, who are capable of developing anything on the web starting from the, Custom web development,Web application development , Mobile Application Development, ICO Web Development and MLM Software Development etc. irrespective of the sizes of the business. The expert web developers of our company have an extensive ability to develop both simple and complex sites right from the scratches.
      While developing the sites of the clients, first we consult with our clients and know about their requirements as well as the business goals they have. We believe that all these things are important for building functional and creative web development solutions that are accurate for the businesses of our clients. All the web development solutions we offer only aim to increase the user experience of the clients in order to get the maximum from the web traffic and also from their clients:


There is one main category of designing and coding, scripting and programming for creating Web Designing.

I. Client Side Scripting / Coding - Client Side Scripting is the type of code that is executed or interpreted by browsers.

Client Side Scripting is generally viewable by any visitor to a site (from the view menu click on "View Source" to view the source code).

Below are some common Client Side Scripting technologies:

What we do when your website is designed and ready to be uploaded on Internet :

Testing the interfaces and content

These items are for testing overall (top-level) site operation

Interface and Mobile friendly Testing :

Other Tests and fixes :


Other items :

Server Items :

DNS Servers :

Network connection to the site :

Web Server's configurations :

Merchant Account / Payment Gateway :

Security :

Performance :


Firewall, Security Software, Security Monitoring and Audit :

Database backup :

Licenses :

Launch QA :

Testing Top Level Site Operations

These items are for testing overall (top-level) site operation

For an ECommerce site :

For a Blog site :

For an ECommerce site Place a test order and make sure that checkout works

Test the additional top-level features


Other items: